Benefits for People

  • An intended benefit of the scheme is to enable more people to learn about their heritage, to be empowered to take an active part in their community and to make decisions about their heritage.
  • The THI project will also improve the quality of life for the local community by providing a more attractive living and working environment.
  • Improving the visual quality of the street with new shop fronts and attractive façades.
  • Enhancing the shopping experience with attractive shop fronts which will improve footfall and economic performance, encourage more businesses to move in and further develop the niche retail destination in the Creative Quarter.
  • Improving the public realm in specific locations which will enhance the attractiveness and safety of key routes into and within the THI area.
  • Bringing vacant property back into profitable use for residential and commercial purposes which will bring increased activity, footfall and local spend.
  • Increasing the number of jobs along the street by stimulating new businesses to establish and through niche retail activity, improving the economic performance of current businesses and securing the success of new ones.
  • Raising awareness of the history and heritage of the area through a range of innovative interpretive initiatives and the activity programme which will enable local people and visitors to appreciate the cultural heritage of the old town in an interactive and appealing way.
  • Creating an area which feels safe to access at all times of day.
  • Raising awareness of the need to respect and care for this historic part of the old town, securing its buildings, and new interpretive features for future generations
  • Making learning about the town’s history and heritage accessible to all including people who might otherwise not be aware of, or interested in, their heritage
  • Enabling businesses to have a greater understanding of their business and better equip them to maintain their specific building and others in the future which will improve the number and survival rates of businesses.
  • The formal and informal training to be provided will improve the quality of life for the community by encouraging local students, contractors, owners/tenants and the general public (including hard to reach groups) to access their heritage, understand the town’s history better and get involved in the heritage sector leading to further job opportunities, improved skills and qualifications, improved earning potential and growth in businesses.
  • It will enable people to learn about and enjoy heritage and increase community participation in managing the conservation area and caring for our heritage.

Training Opportunites

Working with East Kent College's Nick Weekly and David Rowe, the THI are developing a series of lectures and workshops to supplement existing courses (such as the Maintenance Operations Course) delivered by the college.

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