Folkestone Old Town Guided Walk — Saturday 14th June 2014

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Teaming up with local company, Pavement Pounders, the Folkestone Townscape Heritage Initiative delivered a free of charge guided walk. The guided walk showed a glimpse of the rich heritage to be found in Folkestone old town touching on many aspects of our town’s fascinating heritage: Architecture, seaside entertainment, smuggling, art and literature all getting a mention as was the 19th century regeneration scheme started by Lord Radnor with architects Sydney Smirke and Decimus Burton, compared with the present initiative.

"Folkestone, like other towns, is just as full of architecture as a wood is full of trees."

The guided walk took place at 11:30am lasting about an hour and a half starting from the Town hall. Pictures of the walk can be seen below.

Further information on other projects delivered by Pavement Pounders can be enquired about on 01303 227150, 07505 813297 or email [email protected].