Folk Deco community art project — Saturday 30th August 2014

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Folk Deco community project is led by local arts practitioner, Matt Rowe. He is leading a series of community workshops and subsequent installations that engages 50 local residents from the Bradstone and Foord Road area with artefacts uncovered during an archaeological dig at the Payers Park site in Folkestone. Vernacular materials, abundant within the local landscape, will be explored and used.  They will create new future relics made into earthenware pottery pieces with decorative slip surfaces linked to Folkestone Triennial 2014 Lookout theme

Throughout the project, locally produced handmade objects will be used as a focal point to stimulate an informal discussion surrounding the social and cultural value of crafted objects.  The corresponding digital archive and exhibition of these future relics creates snapshot of material trends and attempts to highlight a regional aesthetic.

Work produced by local residents will be on display at Cube Ceramics and B&B Project Space in Tontine Street and Payers Park during the Triennial from the 30th August to the 2nd November.

To find out more about Folk Deco, visit the website