Q. My property is not on the Critical, Priority or Reserve list, what are the benefits to me?

A. The Folkestone Townscape Heritage Initiative aims to also improve the quality of life for the local community by providing a more attractive living and working environment. Further details on how you could benefit from the project can be found here in Benefits for People.

Q. My property is on the ‘Reserve’ list, can I get grant funding for eligible works?

A. Your property may be eligible for works should funding remain after Critical & Priority properties have been dealt with or should funding remain after the initial 3 years of the delivery stage.

Q. What works are eligible?

A. To be eligible for grant funding your property must fall within conservation area 4, have been assessed as being Critical, Priority or Reserve. Require structural or external repairs, works to re-instate historic architectural features or bringing back into use vacant floor space. For further information on requirements please contact the FTHI project manager.

Q. How much grant can I get?

A. Grant rates are 85% for re-instatement of historic architectural features, 60% for repair works, 100% for eligible works to the public realm and bringing back vacant historic floor space is assessed on a case by case basis.

Q. I think my property is eligible for works, how do I go about getting the grant?

A. Contact the FTHI project manager to discuss the works.

Q. Are works I have already had done eligible for grant?

A. No, we can't offer grants in retrospect.

Q. I want to get involved, how do I go about doing that?

A. Take a look at our page on activities.