About the Properties

18-24 The Old High Street
The development of these buildings comprised of refurbishment, part reconstruction and part extension due to the critical status determined by FTHI. The premises are now in use, with both commercial and residential tenants.

23-27 The Old High Street
The development comprised of the refurbishment, part reconstruction and part extension of the buildings at 23, 25 and 27 the Old High Street, Folkestone, extending onto the gap site at 29 Old High Street. The buildings in this area have great heritage value.

1 Grace Hill
The proposed works to the front elevation will return the building to its former glory and make it once again a pleasing sight to the street scene.

29 Rendezvous Street (Prince Albert Inn)
The proposed works will bring the vacant ground floor shop space back into use and repair the lower section of the building.

44 Tontine Street
The conspicuously inconspicuous face of this building hides a transformer and generator belonging to UK Power Networks.

Parade, Bayle and Tontine Steps
Martello Consultants have been instructed to work up drawing specifications and a Pre-tender estimated for the provision and reinstatement of railings and handrails from historic photographs.

Cobbles and Setts
The word “cobblestone” has its origins in the Old English word “cob” which was used to refer to something as rounded and sturdy.

30-34 Rendezvous Street
Number 30 opened as The South of England Telephone Exchange in 1884, one of seven telephone companies covering the whole of Great Britain. It became a cycle manufacturer in 1890, before changing to a costumier in the 1900s.