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30-34 Rendezvous Street

Number 30 opened as The South of England Telephone Exchange in 1884, one of seven telephone companies covering the whole of Great Britain. It became a cycle manufacturer in 1890, before changing to a costumier in the 1900s. The shop continued to sell clothing through to the 1970s, when it specialised in men’s clothing.

Number 32 was a tailor and outfitter from the 1880s to the 1950s. During World War One, it specialised in naval and military tailoring. During the 1950s the shop was bought by a fishmonger, selling local fish and frozen goods for decades.

Number 34 became one of Halfords’ first 200 retailers in the early 1900s, before merging with number 32 in the 1940s to become Peerless Snack Bar. The two buildings later divided again, number 34 becoming a restaurant in the 1950s, a bakers in the 1960s and a carpet retailers in the 1970s.

Before drawings

After drawings

30-34 Rendezvous Street

A proposal was put forward and approved for the reinstatement of period stucco detailing and a period shop front.