Folkestone on Foot

Explore Folkestone On Foot consists of three walks through the THI area. Leaflets are available to download in English and French.

Secrets of the Seafront

This walk explores Folkestone’s harbour area and leads to the Sunny Sands beach. As you begin your walk you’ll notice the harbour fountains – great for taking the kids to cool off in on a hot day. If you fancy seafood why not try Chummy’s seafood stall or enjoy a cuppa at the Hatch kiosk while looking out into the picturesque harbour from the terrace. As you walk through Fish Market you’re now entering what was the heart of the fishing community. See if you can spot the Folkestone sign on the harbour arm. You’ll eventually come to the Sunny Sands beach but before you reach it you’ll pass the smaller Outer Harbour Beach where 30 pieces of gold worth £10,000 were buried last year as part of the Triennial art festival; why not go treasure hunting yourself? Be sure to take a look at the Folkestone Mermaid who sits on the rocks looking out to sea at the Sunny Sands beach. Take a seat on a bench and enjoy the sea view, you should be able to see the French coast on the horizon. Just breathe in the fresh sea air or take a dip in the sea, or even build a sandcastle!

Creative Quarter

This walk will take you through the Old High Street which, with its cobbled lane and quaint lanterns, has a real charm. Here you will find quirky shops and good places to eat. Why not try the popular restaurant Blooms @ the ¼ or enjoy a coffee at the trendy Congo Coffee Shop. Be sure to check out the galleries including that of Shane Record who paints many local places. As you near the top of the Old High Street see if you can spot the metal fish above the Lilford Gallery.

When you reach the top of the Old High Street follow the road right. Here the Old High Street joins Rendezvous Street where the road widens and buildings become more ornate. Look out for the knitted decorations above the shops and bicycles hanging on the façade of one building. Make sure you pick up your old favourites at Humbugs sweet shop while you’re here!

At the top of Rendezvous Street turn right and you’ll see the impressive Town Hall. By the entrance there is a plaque to L.L. Zamenhoff, the creator of Esperanto which was an attempt to invent a new language. Continue up Sandgate Road and you’ll reach the main shopping area where Bouverie Place shopping centre is situated. From here you can continue up the high street and you’re only a short distance from the Leas. Alternatively, you could return to the Harbour via the Saintly Place route.

Saintly Place

This walk explores one of my favourite parts of Folkestone, the Bayle. Soak up the village-like atmosphere as you wander through this part of town. You’ll find a pond half way along the Bayle – see if you can spot the knitted bootee put here by artist Tracey Emin as part of the 2008 Triennial art festival. I’d recommend a visit to the British Lion which is a traditional English Pub. Have a drink in the Dickens Room where it’s said Charles Dickens used to sit and write. As you make your way down Church Street and go past St Eanswythe School you’ll see number 11 on your left. You’ll notice the road sign high up on the brick wall, look underneath and see if you can spot some of the bricks etched with the date 1752 and what is, presumably, the initials of the builders. If you fancy having a bite to eat you could enjoy afternoon tea at the Lavender Tea House or have a pint in the Pullman’s garden further down Church Street.

As you continue the walk turn into the church yard and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Step inside the church of St Mary and St Eanswythe to admire the beautiful stained glass windows and paintings.